Hong Kong Deangshi Industrial Group, abbreviated as “Deangshi”, was established in 2016. The company is deeply connected with various operating network companies of Sinopharm. It is product-oriented, develops new business models, introduces advanced management concepts, and becomes a highly competitive industry Powerful national medical device product service enterprise.


The total investment of Deangshi Group is nearly 100 million RMB, and it has a professional marketing team of more than 100 people. It operates more than 200 kinds of medical device products and is the general agent of China for many international and domestic well-known medical device manufacturers. The company can provide manufacturers with a full range of services from product registration, import and export, distribution, warehousing and distribution, settlement to after-sales service throughout the country. The company has established close product agency cooperation with many well-known domestic and foreign medical device companies. The products involve medical radiological imaging diagnostic equipment, medical endoscopy equipment, anesthesia monitoring equipment, experimental testing equipment, and medical consumables and reagents. In order to provide the world with high-quality medical masks, protective clothing, gloves, thermometers, ventilators and other epidemic prevention materials, our group has formed a professional team of 100 people to complete procurement, ordering, shipping, inspection and other tasks.


Deangshi Group unites with the core and bond of China Medical Devices to share all resources in the entire industry group, while relying on information platforms and expert resources such as the China Association for Medical Device Industry, the Chinese Medical Association, and the Chinese Medical Doctor Association to provide our customers with the most satisfaction Total solution for medical device services.

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